was born from a desire to communicate the truth about birth control and family planning from the Word of God to other believers. By devouring the scriptures and gathering insights from experts all around the United States, our movies will communicate the Biblical position on Birth Control and its impact on the Church, Marriage, and Family. It became our goal to boil all of the information we gathered down to its essence and present it in a format that is fast paced, dense and engaging in it’s style.

We live in a culture where there is no fundamental difference on the issue of child prevention between the church of Jesus Christ and unbelievers. The fruit of our contraceptive culture is rancid and  many voices are calling for a restoration of the church. In order  to effectively communicate the truth about birth control and it’s impact on the church, marriage, and family, we have to ask two questions: How Did We Get Here, and Is It Up to Us?

The first of two films focuses on the history of birth control and it’s impact on the church, marriage, and family.

This engagingly fast-paced documentary takes a historic look at the modern church’s public embrace and overwhelming acceptance of child prevention as biblical theology. The reinterpretation of Scripture and rejection of our church history in the mid twentieth century allowed for responsible planned procreation.

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Our follow up documentary that will theologically and philosophically prove that birth control and family planning is truly not up to us, but up to God to control. Using logical argumentation, we will provide evidence for, and tackle the objections to, some of the greatest arguments for a life without contraception; a life where God is in control of our womb.

For Christian Couples, this film will answer questions such as:

  • Is scripture sufficient on the issue of child prevention and birth control?
  • Is birth control just a matter of conscience, and a choice for married couples to make in the privacy of their marriage?
  • What does God require of our marriages?
  • What is the dominion mandate, and isn’t the world overpopulated?
  • Hasn’t God given us wisdom and Christian Liberty to make our own choices?
  • If I am fruitful through adoption, do I have to be fruitful through child-bearing?

All of these questions and many, many more will be answered in this film. We’ve prayerfully searched the scriptures for the truth, asking, Is It Up to Us?